Interracial Wine Bar

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  • 2020visionquest ( 54M / Snoqualmie, WA )


    First date? Biking wineries will do nicely!

  • thumpertoy ( 56M / Santa Cruz, CA )


    I would prefer to go somewhere near water, or in a picnic setting in a public arena, for now.

  • kay_sugar1 ( 25M / Silver Spring, MD )


    Anything adventurous, I'm just down for anything even the small things like just holding hands at a park, trying out a new restaurant, hanging out just by the walkway talking, or going to a game. I love anything actually  more>>

  • cottonbutterfly ( 37W / San Diego, CA )


    We can hit a wine bar on a Friday afternoon...for some wine and good conversations

  • Poolplayer1 ( 37M / Aurora, CO )


    A nice casual or semi-formal place middle of the day. If it goes well, we can continue into an evening date. If not, we can both be back to catch our favorite evening TV show.

  • shawna824 ( 36W / Canisteo, NY )


    Someplace we can talk and get to know each other

  • ajonblackwhite20 ( 30W / SAN JUAN )


    Central London all the way baby!!!!! Anywhere in the world will do I just have a bit of anglophilia.

  • Mr904G ( 30M / Jacksonville, FL )


    Anything fun something for the both of us to do to get to know each other or just maybe even a walk in the park

  • YourAngel2001 ( 43W / Charlotte, NC )


    Just getting to know and really enjoy each other.

  • Jmack4life1977 ( 36M / Sugar Land, TX )


    Just open conversation that is backed by actions

  • Main_Attraction ( 24M / Chicago, IL )


    Best 1st date is have a drink n conversation in a quiet place so we can intellectually vibe. Afterwards if we are feeling each other id let the woman choose our next activities

  • teddi7 ( 57W / New York, NY )


    Drinks and conversation and dinner

  • Donnie10 ( 26W / Los Angeles, CA )


    Mysterious date to a place I wouldn't expect, fun at the beach, wine tasting, sight seeing, any athletic activity!

  • Brando247 ( 39M / Pompano Beach, FL )


    The choice is yours, it's on me.

  • cocoallen ( 44M / Southfield, MI )


    a first date should be a tad bit electric- some anticipation or excitement... many things to talk about and ask each other-if 2 people take a liking to each other the conversation will flow freely and openly...its about  more>>

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