Interracial Wine Bar

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  • Chillady1 ( 48W / Minneapolis, MN )


    Possibly a game of Frolf, a stroll around the lakes, a quiet dinner, or coffee, maybe go hear a local musical artist, or even an art museum the world is open to all sorts of possibilities!

  • Mahogany66 ( 48W / Arverne, NY )


    My idea of a first date, would be with someone who isn't shy, and is not judgmental

  • Pmoj247 ( 34W / Newark, NJ )


    Dinner, movie, roller skating, ballroom dancing

  • Kilogramz ( 29M / Columbia, MO )


    Not really sure, I'm more of the kind of person to just let it happen an go with the flow

  • shellzs1117 ( 43W / Kingston, NY )


    Great conversation over a nice bottle of wine under candlelight.

  • Tpretty31 ( 31W / South Bend, IN )


    I don't mind going out, but I'd rather cook a meal together. And go see a movie later, go home and chill. Drink a lil unwind.

  • tonyalc63 ( 51M / Hickory, NC )


    We can talk about it. I'm open to suggestions.

  • lmntholden ( 32M / Champaign, IL )


    Dinner would be great for a first date. But nothing fancy where you have to be careful while you eat. I'm talking pizza and wings. But I would be cognizant of what my date might want. Maybe a drink after dinner while we  more>>

  • semiina ( 27W / London, England - London )


    .....oh here we go...I didn't realise these sites ask for soo much detail. But I guess I'll have To answer what an ideal first date would be like. Lol. It all depends on how comfortable I am with you. If I'm comfortable  more>>

  • KennyKenKen ( 29M / Miami, FL )


    There is this place called Blue Martini a that would be a good first date

  • 7sweets ( 41W / Carbondale, IL )


    walk in the park, pic nic, movies, anything or anywhere it dnt matter what we do as long as the attraction is there😍

  • ladyjeanetta ( 45W / White Hall, AR )


    A good night out on the town, dinner and a movie or a great picnic.

  • Winters0605 ( 38W / La Crosse, WI )


    Listen to a band, comic etc.A walk along the river, some dancing and maybe a drink. Somewhere where we can have good conversation.

  • poetryman317 ( 54M / Saint Louis, MO )


    Drinks at a jazz club or a walk in the park.

  • trinab821 ( 36W / Stone Mountain, GA )


    Somewhere fun, so we can relax really get to know each other. I'm not really picky I'm willing to compromise on something we both like.

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